Visit the Alligators at East Texas Gators

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Did you know there’s a place just an hour or so east of Dallas that raises alligators? Until recently, it was something I had heard of but never experienced. East Texas Gators lets you get up close and personal with some very scary critters – what could be more fun?

East Texas Gators

No zoom lens here – you can get really close to the alligators at East Texas Gators!

Locaed in Grand Saline, a small town east of Dallas, East Texas Gators is home to alligators (hatchlings to big gators up to 14 feet long!) and also a wide assortment of snakes, lizards, and furry critters, too. Like a sweet ferret, a few lemurs, and even a groundhog. Kids get the chance to be up close to all of the animals – they even have the chance to hold a baby alligator and cuddle with the friendly little ferret!

Baby Alligator at East Texas Gators

Claire’s not scared! She wrangles a baby alligator!


Who knew ferrets were so cuddly?

Jack, my more cautious child, even got in on the fun.

Jack with Snake

He’s not too sure about this. One thing I’m sure of? He’s braver than me!

Starting in April, the big gators eat daily at 11AM and 3PM. The big gators are really, really big. I would not want to stumble across one without a very large fence between us.

Big Gators at East Texas Gators

He looks hungry.

Of course, the gators are the main attraction. But there is plenty of other stuff going on, too. Check out the ducks at the duck pond, visit with the llama and donkey (and a miniature cow), and let the kids play on the playground. You can even order yourself some dinner (gator, anyone?) from a menu that looks pretty darn tasty!

Plan on staying for a couple of hours, at least. The farm is small, but there’s plenty to see and do. Depending on when you visit, you could also plan your trip around a visit to the pumpkin patch or Christmas tree farm at nearby Yesterland Farm. And if you’re hungry, you can swing by my favorite local stop, the Dairy Palace.

Here’s the info you need to know to plan your visit:

  • Open Mon..- Thurs. 9 am- 5 pm, and Fri. & Sat. 9 am – 8 pm (5-8 Steak) Sunday 9 am- 5 pm
  • Admission is $6 adults and $5 for children ages 2-12. Senior citizens over 65 are $5 
The only tricky part is getting there. Call for directions – don’t trust your GPS. And, as someone who has lived in the Middle of Nowhere before, I totally understand this! It’s an easy trip, and directions are simple…but you want to hear them from a human, not your friendly navigation system lady.
Have fun!
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