This Last Week

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Sometimes, I miss the days when I’d just blog about whatever I felt like. It’s not that I can’t do that anymore…it’s just that as this blog grows, and the focus shifts, I don’t always have the time to fit in random “Look at what we did this week!” posts. But today, I’m feeling like doing just that.

Even if it’s boring for the rest of the world to read.

I hate getting my hair done (it takes so long, it costs so much). But, my highlights hadn’t been touched up in about nine months, so I was long overdue. I have really bad luck with hair ladies, so I used Groupon to find someone new (again) and hit the Salon Jackpot. This stylist did an amazing job…if you are in the Dallas area and need a new stylist, let me know and I’ll share her info with you.

Cute Hair Woohoo!

I feel kind of weird putting this giant picture of my face here, but…cute hair, must share.

I started off the week with a cough. Annoying, but not stopping me from much…I’ve pretty much been sick with one thing or another since Thanksgiving, and I’ve already had this cough once in the last few months. WebMD says not to call my doctor until I’ve had it for two weeks, and I’m rolling with that advice – I hate going to the doctor. 

On Monday I started yoga class again. I love yoga…it’s the best thing I can do for myself. But, I haven’t taken a class since October. Of 2012. Since my last class, I’ve gained a bunch of weight and turned into a crickety old lady. Hopefully yoga will help me to find my center again.

Yoga Mat Bag

This is my yoga mat, in a really cute yoga mat bag.

On Tuesday night, I started Zumba. I joined the beginner class in hopes of shaking some of this wiggle away. The instructor said, “If you feel like an idiot, you’re doing it right!” I guess that means I would have won a gold if Zumba was an Olympic sport.

My yoga and Zumba classes take place twice a week…so that means four days a week of working out under the supervision of someone other that Billy Blanks staring at me through my TV the few times I’ve randomly decided to work out with a Tae-Bo DVD. Go me!

I’ve also spent a lot of time with this guy. Snoopy.


The Snoopster.

In the five weeks we’ve had him, he’s doubled in size. And then some. And while I’m happy to say he’s having fewer and fewer accidents in the house, I do wish he’d stop pooping and peeing all over the patio. The grass is only a few steps away!

The kids have also kept me busy. Between soccer and ballet, they kids each have an activity of their own. So far, their activities have been on different days of the week and we haven’t had a conflict of scheduling. I do wonder, though, as things start to pick up (and as I get all crazy with the evening Zumba classes) how long we can manage to “survive” with just one car!

I drank at least one green smoothie every day last week. I googled “simple green smoothie recipe” and found this website. If you’re looking for a gazillion green smoothie recipes, you need to check it out (run, don’t walk). The first recipe that popped up looked pretty good to me, and I made it every day for a week. By the end of the week I woke up craving it. Which is weird, because it has cilantro in it and I think cilantro tastes like soap.

OH! It also snowed.


Itty bitty snowball!

Little Snowbunny!


So there you have it! My very exciting, very normal week. 

How was your week?

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