How I Increased My Blog’s Traffic

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Last week, I asked everyone on my Facebook page (come join us over there!) what kind of blogging information people would be most interested in reading. The most popular answer? How to increase blog traffic.

That was my #1 goal when I started getting serious about blogging, and it’s been a non-stop effort on my part to grow my blog’s traffic (traffic = money, and I’m into money!). I don’t believe there’s a one-size-fits-all formula for increasing your traffic, but what I’m going to share with you is what I’ve done on this blog that has directly resulted in more traffic. 

I wish there was a simple secret or a quick trick to growing your traffic, but the truth is there is no secret. It takes time and consistency, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Before I get started, I have a few comments on traffic and expectations (I know, this post is long…but please read this part – it’s important!).

Blogging is not a “get huge overnight” kind of gig. Sometimes, blogs do seemingly blow up overnight, but these are usually bloggers who have a unique story. Most of us need to keep our nose to the grindstone for a year or more before we start seeing real growth. And to some people, traffic doesn’t matter. But if you want to work with brands or make money blogging, at some point the numbers will come into play and you’ll want to increase your traffic.

Every blog is different, and you cannot compare yourself to others. Everyone has a different idea of what a “big” blog is…some of us get 1,000 pageviews a month – others get 100,000 pageviews a month (not me, not yet…but sooner than later, I hope!). It’s important to set personal goals for yourself and your blog, and let those goals guide your success (as opposed to what other people seem to be accomplishing).

Give yourself several months to see results…not a day, not a week, but months. I’ve never written a post and had it bring in tons of traffic right away. Even my most popular posts have taken a few weeks (or months!) to build steam – follow these steps consistently and over time, you will see your traffic grow!

So now on to the fun stuff! BLOG TRAFFIC. Here are some things you can do (immediately, and over time) to increase your traffic.

How to Increase Blog Traffic

1. Hook up with other bloggers. This is my #1 suggestion because this is the #1 thing I’ve done to grow my blog. A supportive “tribe” can help you like you wouldn’t believe. It’s one thing for you to share your posts with the world – it’s another thing entirely to have a tribe of friends willing to share your content for you! You’ll also find that being a part of a blogging group gets you nearly instant access to a ton of helpful information and possibly even blogging jobs, too. If you need help finding a group, come join us in the The Blogging Bunch facebook group – we’d love to have you!

2. Write content people want to read. I can write silly stories about my kids all day long, but people are only so interested in that kind of stuff. My biggest traffic-drawing posts are helpful posts – things people can pin, and share, and learn from. There is something out there that you know how to do and can teach others about. Try writing about that, put a pinnable image in your post, and pin it. See what happens!

3. PINTEREST. Pinterest is a huge traffic source for me. Not all of my posts are “pinnable” posts – but when I do have something pinnable, I am sure to include an image people will want to pin (like the one above…you really want to pin that, right? :::wink wink:::). For more info on creating pinnable images, check out this post. If you can’t think of anything original and pin-worthy, try curating some content and creating a round-up post. For example, if you have a toddler and you’re stuck inside, create a post with 20 of your favorite toddler crafts. Here are some guidelines to follow if you don’t have an original image to use in your posts. Pin your own stuff (it’s okay, I swear), and ask your friends and family to pin it, too.

4. Be smart about SEO (SEO is Search Engine Optimization, and it’s how you get Google to recognize your posts so people will find them when they’re searching for topics you’ve blogged about). Not every post needs to be pinnable, and not ever post needs to be properly SEO’d. I think blogging loses some of its magic and authenticity when all we do is create content with Pinterest and Google in mind. But. When you ARE creating those helpful and informative posts – the ones you plan on pinning – make sure you properly SEO them so Google can help direct readers your way! And always (always!) use SEO tactics when writing a sponsored post (to benefit your sponsor and the future life of your post). Pinterest is my #1 referrer, but Google is #2 – and I want people to find my blog when they’re searching for “St. Patrick’s Day craft” or “how to find blogging jobs.” If you have WordPress, you can install a plugin called Yoast that will make it super easy to SEO all of your posts.

4. Grow your social media following. Social media is a real pain in my behind. I don’t love it. But the more fans I have on Facebook, the more followers I have on Twitter, the more people who follow me on Pinterest…the more traffic I get. Spend some time every day (or week, as your schedule allows) working on social media. Follow new people on Twitter, pin lots of awesome stuff on Pinterest, and share fun information on your Facebook page.

5. Post frequently. Plan on posting at least several times a week if possible. The more interesting content you have, the more traffic you’ll get, the more likely Google is to recommend your site, and the more posts people will have to read when they land on your blog.

Editorial Calendar Weekly Planner

Put that editorial calendar to work for you!

6. Make your content easy to share. Ladies (and gents) – this is SO IMPORTANT. You need a “Pin It” button on your images and an easy way for people to share your content on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Here is some info on how to make your content easy to share.

7. Link up at Linky parties. I have a whole post on this in the works, but the short story is this: to make linky parties work for you, you need to link up to a BUNCH (as many as you can), and you need to link up your best. You probably won’t get tons of direct traffic from these, even if your posts are featured…but you CAN get lots of traffic from people seeing your post and pinning it or sharing it with their friends. A note on these: I pay the fabulous Elizabeth of Rock-a-Bye Parents to link me up to lots of parties…she can help you, too!

Be sure to check out my linky party, Wordy Wednesday…you can link up at any time, and the whole point is to showcase your most awesome content – and I will be sharing ALL of it!

8. Stay the course. Be consistent, and don’t give up. Sometimes it feels like you’re writing amazing content and then sending it into a giant black hole, never to be seen by another human. Keep writing! Those posts may bring you lots of visitors in the future. Keep being awesome and it will pay off eventually.

I’ll say it again…traffic won’t come overnight, and it won’t come without some planning. But if you’re consistent and create content people want to read, you can increase your blog’s traffic.

Be sure to find me on  FacebookPinterestGoogle+, or Twitter for more helpful blog info. Also, you can check out all of my blogging tips here.

So – what are you going to work on first?

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  1. says

    I’m so curious about the tribe. Because I have a group of bloggers I like and whose blogs I read, but I think you’re saying we need to be more proactive than that? Also, this was kinda a dagger in my heart: “I can write silly stories about my kids all day long, but people are only so interested in that kind of stuff.” Because that’s what I write as a humor blogger! So thinking about what to write besides that would be a big, big step.
    Katy recently posted…My Quotable Kids at Coach DaddyMy Profile

    • says

      Oh I didn’t mean it that way at all! If you are a humor blogger, that’s a totally different story…and I LOVE reading those blogs! I should have been more specific…most of my traffic comes from “helpful” posts (how-tos, things to do in Dallas, that sort of thing…). My personal posts (which are my favorite to write) usually see a little traffic on the days they are posted, but they don’t bring me long-term traffic…so as my blog grows, I find it’s important to write the kind of content people like to read on my blog. Does that make sense? If you’re a humor blogger, or blog about parenting in general, I think that’s what you need to keep writing! So what I should have said is, keep blogging about the things people are reading the most on your blog! :)

      I do think you need to be more proactive than just having a group of blogs you read (even if you all read each other’s blogs and comment on them). I think a supportive FB group is a huge way to increase your traffic…you might check and see if any of those bloggers are looking for a FB buddy and team up with them (that’s how I found my “tribe” – a fellow blogger emailed me and another blogger and asked if we wanted to form a FB group to support each other). It’s awesome to have a group you can share ideas with, ask for a pin or a tweet, and actively promote each other…that sort of stuff. You can also search for local FB groups (I am in one of those, too, and it’s awesome).

      • says

        Thanks, Carrie! I should clarify I didn’t take your comment the wrong way and thank you for your kind, thoughtful response. I think I’m in a place where I’m realizing how true it is for me, that what I write (funny personal stories or observations) doesn’t bring in the numbers. I’m really at a crossroads about continuing that way–because I like to write that way–or figuring out something different, but complementary, that would draw traffic. Your tips are great in provoking my thoughts about that!
        Katy recently posted…My Quotable Kids at Coach DaddyMy Profile

        • says

          OK good, definitely didn’t want to offend! :) The good thing about having kids is they are full of inspiring content, lol! I bet you could come up with lots of awesome traffic-driving posts that wouldn’t stray too far from your focus or voice.

    • says

      Thanks Kristen! And nope, not closed…you do need to request to be accepted though, so make sure you do that (and we’ll be sure to accept you!). :)

  2. says

    I like the tips included in this post. My largest traffic comes from Google, then Direct Traffic. However, Pinterest is definitely my biggest traffic driver on certain times when I have a very interesting post on the blog. I’m still working on increasing traffic and you are so right…it takes time to increase traffic.
    Sharon recently posted…Storing Plastic Grocery BagsMy Profile

    • says

      Google is my #2 referrer, but I had to work for that…I love Google traffic because it means people are finding posts that are (hopefully) helpful and that I’m doing something right with my limited SEO skills. It’s awesome that you get a lot of Google traffic!

  3. says

    Hi, Carrie! Thanks for a great and motivational post. Sometimes as bloggers, its easy to get discouraged about the traffic numbers, but what you have said is so true: posting consistently, using social media to your best advantage, finding a tribe to help promote your blog and staying the course! We’ve been a blog for 18 months now and it wasn’t until we passed our one-year anniversary that we noticed a major uptick in our traffic numbers. And, it is a “numbers game” – number of posts, number of pins and engagement on other social media sites over time = increased traffic! As you stated, as a blogger you need to be in it for the long-haul! Overnight success is rare. But, if you are doing what you love and are consistent, over time things do happen!
    Carole recently posted…Blackout: are you Ready?My Profile

    • says

      I definitely think that to make money or really grow a blog, you’ve got to be in it for the long haul. And that can be hard when you’re starting out! For me, it was a year after I decided to start getting serious when I saw real results, too!

    • says

      Mine has been slow too, especially in the practically no-traffic-at-all years prior to this past year or so. I’m hoping that slow and steady wins the race! :)

  4. says

    These are great points. And so true about SEO. I have the Yoast SEO plugin to use for my posts and not every one of them will have the “green” light. It just can’t happen. Pinning to my blogging board.
    Tammy recently posted…Spring Planting TimeMy Profile

    • says

      Been there/done that and I remember how hard it could be to find the info I was really looking for, so I tried to keep that in mind while writing this…hopefully it helps you out some! :)

    • says

      ACK! You just reminded me that *I* don’t have a G+ button. I accidentally deleted all of my social media buttons a couple of months ago and when I went to reinstall them, I couldn’t find the G+ one and gave up looking…thanks for the reminder!!

  5. says

    Great post! Someone may have asked this already — I didn’t read all the comments — how does a newer blogger connect with an established blogger tribe? For a few years now I’ve followed 10+ blogs that are clearly connected. The authors contribute to two different blogs with a hefty list of contributors, and they cross promote/cross post each other’s content all the time on Facebook and Pinterest. They have great content, and the same target audience as I do. I’ve shared lots of their stuff. I started a new blog in December, and I’d love to connect with this tribe. Thus far I’ve participated in link-ups and continued sharing links, but now on my blog’s FB page. Must I wait to catch attention and be invited? What’s the etiquette for connecting with a group like that?
    Jenni @ Evelyn Boutique recently posted…Spring Necklace Wish ListMy Profile

    • says

      Fabulous questions! Here are my thoughts.

      I think you are best off looking for other bloggers at a similar place in their blogging career to team up with. Usually, an established group of bloggers has been working together for awhile and it’s not that they don’t want to let you into their inner circle…it’s just that they’ve already got a lot going on with their current blogger tribe and it may be working really well for them, and they aren’t likely to bring in new people to that particular tribe. Does that make sense?

      You are definitely wise to share their content (especially if it’s relevant to your audience) and link up to their parties – I can promise you they notice – but instead of waiting I would recommend finding your own group that you can join up with and support each other. Your blog will grow and you will likely find yourself in the same circles as some of those other bloggers over time. And in the meantime, you can really grow your own site with help of other bloggers looking to do the same.

      If there’s a blogger you particularly feel a connection with, you can always email them. Most bloggers love to hear from readers and would be happy to help or answer questions you may have about blogging in your particular niche – and that can be a good way to make connections, too (even if you don’t get the response you hope for, it never hurts to reach out).

  6. says

    I love this, thank you so much!!! I’ve blogged for years at our personal family blog as an e-scrapbook, if you will, but am just beginning my new blog with the intent to drive more and more traffic to it! This was so helpful, I’m in love with the blog community already- everyone’s so nice and supportive!!

    • says

      It is definitely a fun and social crowd to get involved with! I kind of started out like you did, just blogging for friends and family…I loved it so much, though, that I thought I’d turn it into something more – I think you’ll enjoy watching your blog grow!

  7. says

    Thanks so much for this information! I hadn’t even heard of SEO, let alone know what it stood for, so clearly this is very helpful to making our blog more visible! I just visited your FB group to join (as my personal FB page and our blog’s) and it says it’s closed…would love to join but am assuming you got flooded!

    All the best!

    • says

      There’s room in the FB group and we’d love to have you! :) That just means it’s closed to the general public and you need to request admittance to get it. So, request away and we’ll let you in!

    • says

      Every time I make a craft for my blog I think about how much time and effort goes into it – money, the actual crafting, the photographing, the social media sharing – it’s a ton of work! Which is probably why I don’t do too many food craft posts!

  8. says

    Absolutely love this post. I’ve been blogging/webbing for years but I took a break these last two years. Things have changed 110%. Getting back into the groove has been fun and a challenge! Thank you for your work and advice.
    MrsHuddle recently posted…Barbecue Bacon DogsMy Profile

  9. says

    Oh, I could write so much! I am working on all of these. I just started my own G+ community for categories like repins, stumbles, comments on fb posts, etc. There are 70 members, but only about 4 of us participate so far. I’m in another group that is great for asking advice, but they only have a comment chain, and I’ve stopped doing that this past week so I can have time to link up. I love Elizabeth, and if I ever start making more money, I might hire her too as it just takes time to do all those little details that do help. Anyway, I’ve now followed you on fb, asked to join your fb group, and tried to find your Wordy Wednesday posts. Thanks for linking up with the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party. I have pinned your post to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Board!
    Tammy @ recently posted…Recap of February’s Goals: I Need Help! #goalsMy Profile

  10. says

    Carrie, I completely agree about your number one (as well as all the others)! I’m always amazed by the number of bloggers who think networking has no place in the blogging world. I even met one recently who will NOT link to other blogs because she doesn’t want to help out their traffic and “alienate her readers” (but she wants others to link to her). Doesn’t work that way, sweetheart!

    And thanks for the link party! I’ve never seen one for writing prompts and it looks so fun! :)
    Chelsey recently posted…Knitting Conversion Chart {FREE Printable}My Profile

  11. says

    Love this post and I am working hard on getting more to see my website, thanks so much for sharing it with all of us! :-) I am going to feature your post on Tuesdays with a Twist this week so please stop by my blog Tuesday morning to take a look. Have a great day.

  12. says

    This has been really helpful! I switched from Blogger to WordPress (free version) about a month ago. Getting that traffic has been much more of a challenge. I totally appreciate these tips.

    P.S. I found you on the Mommy Monday Blog Hop :)
    Sam recently posted…4 Fun Apps for Little KidsMy Profile

    • says

      When I switched from Blogger to WP I had the same thing happen…my traffic tanked. But then it grew again and has been on the up and up ever since. There were benefits to Blogger, but I definitely prefer the WP platform!

  13. says

    I need this info. I’ve just started my blog last month and still in the process of figuring out what to do and write.. Thanks for this precious idea!! :)
    Finn recently posted…Outdoor FunMy Profile

  14. says

    I LOVED this post, and I actually read the whole thing. Just when I was about to skim, you pulled me back in with now read this, it’s important! Love that. Great thoughts and insights on how to make this work, and boy is it ever work! I am learning new things everyday but I feel like I have barely skimmed the surface (I am new to the blogging world) and soaking up every bit of info I can, as much as time will allow with three kids!
    Checking this out from happiness is homemade and pinned this! I am also your newest follower!
    Thanks Again, Cathy

    • says

      It’s hard with kids, for sure!! That’s why I wanted to set expectations and insisted on everyone reading that part, lol! I feel like everything takes me twice as long with the kids around, so I think it’s important to be patient and stick it out if you want results! It is a ton of work…who’d’ve thunk it…you can show up in our PJ’s and work whenever you want, but OMG…it takes a lot of time.

      So glad to have you! Be sure to link up at Wordy Wednesday! :)

  15. says

    Thanks for these. Especially for tip number 8. A big black hole. Sometimes that feels about it!

    I guess it’s like any job really- half the work is just showing up (ohh.. that sounds good!).
    Georgia recently posted…How to Freeze RiceMy Profile

  16. says

    Thanks for this post, I’ve been blogging for fun for almost a year, but now I’m looking into moving up a level. This is very helpful!

  17. says

    I can’t agree more with finding a fitting bloggy buddy or buddies. We share what we have learned, what has worked or hasn’t worked for us. It is also great for encouragement.
    I get on about 20 linky parties. I used to get on a lot more but after a month I looked at Google Analytics to see who were my top parties I got clicks from.
    Great post!
    Stephanie @ Year-Round Giving recently posted…K-Cup DealMy Profile

    • says

      Bloggy Buddies are the BEST! My “real life” friends don’t always understand blogging, so it’s nice to have someone I can go to with my blogging issues/vents/brags (it’s nice to have people that get excited for my accomplishments!).

  18. says

    This is excellent, I was just talking to hubby about ways I can increase my traffic and I came across your post on The Ultimate Linky party that Creative K Kids is running and I already consider it ultimate just for finding this post. I just put Yoast on my site and based upon the info I have already gone through, I can see that it will be very helpful. Thank you soo much for all the helpful tips and reiterating that it takes TIME!
    Heather {Woods of Bell Trees} recently posted…Leather Fish ScalesMy Profile

    • says

      You will love Yoast! It makes simple SEO foolproof…it’s about all the effort I put into SEO and it definitely helps. And just stay with it…most of us don’t see big results right away!

  19. says

    Hi Carrie! Thank you very much. This is a very helpful list. When I started blogging, I was invited by another blogger to to join (what was then a very small) Facebook group within our local area. The support for each other is unending. We share and comment on each other’s blog posts, but it is also a ready and willing pool of knowledge. This is a wonderful place to start building a following. I also use several of your other suggestions but my goal now is to participate more frequently on linkies. Thank you so much for sharing your list. I am just about to share it.

    • says

      I LOVE my local FB blogging group…it’s an amazing resource, for sure!

      Also, I really think you can benefit from linky parties! I usually link up one post a week to 75-100 linkys. I don’t get a ton of traffic from the actual parties themselves, but when I do get traffic it’s usually because someone sees a post I’ve written in and is interested and pins it, or the host pins/shares it…I’ve had some great traffic from that!

  20. says

    This is a fabulous post for every blogger around the world. I do really agree with all of the tips there. Social media, groups, SEO, Pinterest, Posting Frequency, linky party, consistency, easily to share content are really fabulous tips. Thank you very much for sharing. Pinned it already.
    Adelien Tan recently posted…Introducing Lenten to Kids with ActivitiesMy Profile

  21. says

    This is a great post! I needed this pep talk, since I have been feeling a little blah since the new year. I’m a fairly new blogger (in my first year), and I get so sick of hearing, “I’ve been blogging for a few months and I went viral or my post has 2,000+ hits!”… Frustrating! So it’s good to know there are others out there, sharing tips who are slow and steady. Since I also firmly believe that slow and steady wins the race…hopefully. One of my New Year’s resolutions was to work on my social media. It is such a drag! Facebook has so many horrible rules that MAYBE your people will see your posts. It seems when I schedule a post, no one ever sees it, so I have to post during the day – which as a Mom is hard. I have to look into some of those scheduling program, so I can share my content (and others) more regularly.
    Scarlett recently posted…The Day After Mardi Gras: Banana Brioche Baked French ToastMy Profile

    • says

      You will get there!! I TOTALLY agree it is hard when you’re a mom and have kids at home…I think if you have little ones in the house, you need to give yourself twice as long to see results becuase it takes twice as long to get things done with littles (no matter what you’re doing). And you’re right about Facebook and social media…I consider it a necessary evil. The way I look at Facebook, though, is that even if only 10% of my FB fans are seeing my posts, that’s a group of people who I wouldn’t have without FB (I try not to think about how many people would see my content if FB showed it to everybody who likes me page, because that makes me grumpy). You’re right about scheduling posts, though…if there’s any way you can post them without scheduling, you’ll be a little better off!

    • says

      Keep blogging! And the more you learn, the more you realize you don’t know. Or something like that. Or maybe that’s just me, lol!

      PS – love you blog name!

  22. says

    Great tips you have here! One thing I would add though, is SEO isn’t the same as it used to be. As a professional copywriter, I work for a lot of SEO experts. Google has made it clear that keywords aren’t as important anymore. In fact, they’re putting more emphasis on long-form (longer word counts), in-depth research, etc. While keywords matter, Google is creating a smart algorithm designed to answer questions. So if someone asks Google “How to increase blog traffic” they are not just going to give results of sites that use “how to increase blog traffic” as a keyword. Also, Google is putting a lot of emphasis on social media. When your content is shared a lot, Google considers that a good resource; therefore, you could increase your rank. Anyone considering SEO should read up on the latest algorithm changes. It’s important too if you want to make sure you stay in the good graces of Google. Because, let’s face it; Google penalties are next to impossible to overcome.
    Korilynn recently posted…Veggie Packed Meatloaf Recipe With Homemade BreadcrumbsMy Profile

    • says

      At the last blogging conference I went to I listened to an SEO expert and he did mention a lot of the things you are saying. I have been meaning to do some more research, but…OMG. It changes *so* often!

      My friends and I have a group site and for some reason, Google stopped liking it, and you’re right…traffic went away almost overnight! Not sure it will recover at this point, or if it’s even worth trying to keep up with all of the new stuff Google has going on!

  23. says

    I am so thrilled I found you on a linky party at!!! This post is wonderful! So many great ideas. Staying the course and staying consistent is key! After blogging for a few years I decided in January to start my own site, and slowly but surely I’ll get there! Thanks for this!
    Suzanne recently posted…Seeking Clarity in LifeMy Profile

    • says

      Thanks Suzanne!

      I really do think consistency is the most important part of blogging if you want to make it a long-term thing. Keep your eyes on the prize! :)

  24. says

    What a load of great information! Thank you so much! My blog is not even 5 months old yet, but I am already learning that there is SO MUCH more to it than just writing a post and publishing it. I’ve already figured out a few of the things you suggest, but others I have not even considered (and I don’t really even understand SEO) so I really appreciate such a great list of tips and advice. I’ve pinned your post – I’ll be referring back to it again and again.
    I am prepared to take the long-term approach and am content that my traffic is not huge (approaching 2,800 page views since launch) because I know I need the time to figure so much out and to grow slowly. Much thanks!
    Karen recently posted…Homemade Crackers: Choose Your FlavorMy Profile

    • says

      You’re so welcome! If SEO is too much to deal with right now, my suggestion is to table it for later. I spent a lot of time just building content…and then when I was ready to learn more and could take it on without overwhelming myself, I started branching out a bit. For sure, your blog’s base is your content so that’s where you should spend your time if you don’t want to deal with SEO for now. Besides, as one of the other commenters mentioned, SEO is always changing…so what you do today might not work a month from now anyway!

    • says

      I sometimes miss the day when I had an ugly free blogger template and no social media presence, but all the time in the world to write! But then I see what I’ve created, and I don’t miss it so much.

  25. says

    Thanks for sharing the great information! I’m still struggling to get more traffic to my blog, it has picked up, but still don’t get many comments. I submitted to join the Facebook blogging group, and I’m pinning the post. Thanks for sharing!
    Linda @ Mixed Kreations recently posted…Guest Bath BeforeMy Profile

    • says

      Thanks for pinning, Linda! You will get there…it just takes time (and in my case, it’s taken a long time…but it’s been worth the wait!).

  26. says

    I’m so glad I found this post, and your site! I’m a newbie and the advice is much needed. I like how you said it’s not a “get huge overnight” type of thing. I was so used to being driven in my former job, it’s hard to accept that some things just take time…and a lot of learning. I look forward to following along, you definitely have a new fan here.
    Jillian – News Anchor To Homemaker recently posted…Philly Mac-N-Cheese Sliders RecipeMy Profile

    • says

      I’m so glad to have you here!

      Yeah…it does take time! I can’t tell you how many times I used to get frustrated about how slowly my blog was growing, but I tried to just keep building the content so that someday…when people were actually reading it…there’d be something to read. Patience and consistency are the key! Well, and awesome content. 😉 I have a ton of blogging content in the pipelines so hopefully there will be some that’s helpful to you on your journey. :)

    • says

      I think it’s hard to stat motivated because there’s not always a return on all the hard work we put in…but hopefully it will all pay off! :)

    • says

      Sorry you are feeling discouraged!! I know what you mean though, and I’m happy you found something here that might help! :) Glad to have you in our group!

  27. aprila says

    thanks for all of these great tips. Thanks for linking up at Tell Me About It Tuesday. We hope you hop over and share with us again next week.

  28. says

    Thanks a lot for sharing this with all people you actually recognise what you’re
    talking about! Bookmarked. Please also discuss with my web site =).
    We could have a hyperlink alternate contract among us
    Megapolis Hack recently posted…Megapolis HackMy Profile

    • says

      I know what you mean! Sometimes I write something and think, “YES! This is AWESOME!” but then…crickets. Other times, it just takes awhile for the post to get out there and get going!

    • says

      Thank you Janelle! I hope it is encouraging…I feel like it took me a long (reallllly long) time to start getting the traffic I wanted. :)

      Also, no one ever knows how to spell my name because there are so many variations…I always tell them, “Carrie – like the movie?” lol!

  29. says

    I know this is an old post but thank you so much for it. It is really encouraging for a new blogger like myself! It is full of a lot of excellent information as well. I never knew about blogger groups on facebook!

    • says

      You’re very welcome! Did you join us over at The Blogging Bunch Facebook group? Blogger Facebook groups have been my strongest and best resource for blogging knowledge and support! <3

  30. says

    Hi Carrie!
    Loved this blog post! Super insightful (I took notes lol) and helpful especially for a new blogger like me that is still trying to get her barrings. I especially loved the suggestion of participating in more link ups. I currently part of a weekly wishes link up but that was more about keeping me accountable than growing blog traffic. Can’t wait to read more :)

    PS. I did pin your image 😉

    • says

      Thanks for the pin!! :)

      Linkies can really, really help. The trick is to have a beautiful image and something that really stands out…when people start featuring/pinning those posts for you, you can really see a spike in your traffic. It’s also important to do a lot of them – hosts all like different stuff, so the more you do, the more likely your post will get some traction! :)

      • says

        I completely agree! I’ve actually decided to make sprucing up my Pinterest account one of my goals for March and I think I’m going to start a series on my blog to share other blogging articles I’ve found helpful and/or motivating. I was hoping to include this one if that is okay with you 😉

  31. says

    I love this post, it was so helpful…I just started my blog in December and have been working really hard in it recently to help make it successful. I have trying to figure out how to build a tribe and you made it easy, I asked to join yours…deinately am excited to have people I can ask for advice

  32. says

    Hi! Brand new blogger here! I launched my blog last month and I found this post to be an excellent insight into how to really amp up traffic. I was wondering about the SEO tip, I really have absolutely no idea how to even start with that. Almost all my traffic comes from pinterest and facebook, how do I makes sure I am properly using SEO? Thanks!

    • says

      Hi Ashley! Are you using WordPress? If you have WordPress, be sure to install a plugin called Yoast – it will really help make sure you’re doing at least the minimum for SEO. It’s pretty simple and tells you what you need to do and what you’ve done correctly on each post to help SEO it.

  33. says

    Hello Carrie!

    I know this is an older post of yours but I just had to leave you a comment on it.

    I am just starting out on my very own, very first, blogging adventure! Being brand new to the whole thing, I have been doing a whole bunch of research on the best approaches to making my blog worth while. Although I am blogging for school and future career purposes, rather than make money purposes, I feel that having readers validates all of the effort put in.

    I have read a lot (a WHOLE lot) of posts on blogging and I absolutely found this post to be the most useful!
    Thank you for writing such an easy to read and easy to follow post (links and all)!


    Rebecca Schilling
    Rebecca recently posted…Shepherd’s PieMy Profile

    • says

      Rebecca, thank you SO MUCH for commenting and letting me know that – it makes me very happy to hear! :) Best of luck to you on your blogging journey…you’ll do awesome!

    • says

      Hi there! I definitely know what you mean. The traffic I get from linkies comes from when a host pins or shares my content with her readers. So, sometimes this can be a bunch of traffic (if a blogger with a large Pinterest following pins something, for example, and it does well). I’ve learned to be really particular about what I link up. Also, some weeks fall kind of flat and I don’t see a lot of traffic from linkies. Other weeks, a post might get featured and shared by several bloggers and it does amazing.

      I totally agree that they can be super time consuming though. I pay someone to link up my posts for me (and to be totally honest, I don’t think I would ever link up to anything if I was doing it myself).

  34. says

    I just found this post on Pinterest and love it. I have just started putting all of these tips in place with my new re-branded blog. Pinterest has always been my #1 traffic source but I know a a couple of others close behind. Before I re-branded my blog nice was all over the place but now only blogging about what I love.
    Teresa recently posted…Why I am a huge fan of this Social Sharing PluginMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Teresa! I love Pinterest for traffic…but I’ve definitely learned to pay attention to my other traffic sources, too! But still, Pinterest is definitely my #1 referrer…so I put a lot of time into it!


  1. […] that I have, I clicked on the pin and began my stalking! Carrie Elle listed some really insightful tips on how to generate more blogging traffic. Her biggest tip came in the form of a Facebook group called, The Blogging Bunch. It’s a group […]

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